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We are the perfect solution when it comes to toolmaking, Special purpose machine engineering, robot systems, devices and clamping collets.

Clamping Collets

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In order to be able to clamp your workpieces safely, stable and precisely in order to then weld or bond them, you will need our patented clamping collets.


Application area:


positioning, holding, clamping, centring of workpieces, also with larger tolerances


prepared for the assembly of workpiece-specific clamping jaws



power gear ratio for the manual clamping and unclamping approx. 1:35 (special clamping curve)


opening angle of the clamping jaws 30°


clamping angle in the lock range approx. 3° (equals approx. 3mm clamping path per jaw)



Panel construction made of steel


Guides reinforced


Lubrication via conical grease nipples for all bearing types

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